To our valued customers,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing significant changes which Earmold Design (EDI) will be making to its business. We will no longer manufacture any specialty molds.

Earmold Design has been manufacturing earmolds for over 45 years and has decided to refocus its operations to continue to manufacture only quality BTE earmolds for hearing aids. By doing this, we will optimize our operations and improve our turnaround time.

Consequently, Earmold Design will no longer manufacture any specialty molds as of October 15, 2022:

• Hand poured earmolds
• Swim Molds
• Sleep Molds
• Noise Protection
• All ER Noise Plugs
• All Specialty Molds, including headset molds, pilot molds etc.

Please note that because of the ongoing challenges and changes, any specialty molds we receive up until October 15 will be processed within 4-6 weeks. Warranties will be honoured on all existing earmolds.

We have put together some options for you to pursue for specialty molds that we are discontinuing:

Oto Hearing
EMSEE Labs of Canada
Innovative Custom Earmolds Inc.

Also please note that as of October 15, 2022, all BE account numbers will be closed and BTE earmolds purchased through Bernafon will now be on your BH account, your Bernafon Hearing account.

Our Products:

We offer a variety of Sound Couplers, Noise Protection, Musician Earmolds, Swim Molds, Sleep Molds, and Communication Molds.

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